Your Mind is Your Future

These words can be found as a chapter title in Raymond Charles Barker wonderful read, “The Science of Success.” At this time there are about 60 of us reading this book for the month of November as part of our Stewardship month at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living. Barker states that one of our problems in life is that too few people look ahead with great expectations.

I did some research on nostalgia to try and understand why. Researchers say that we love to look back at the good ole days and dream of simpler times because it feels good to recall the easier, joy-filled days. We often become nostalgic when things aren’t going as good as we’d like in our current days.

This quotation is good illustration: “We’re so overwhelmed with things these days…Everyone is hurrying…they all look strained and unhappy.” Would you be surprised to know that Laura Ingalls Wilder scribed that statement in 1927? At the time she was living on a rural farm in Missouri.

The slippery side of nostalgia is that we only recall the parts that please us. We forget that life always has ups and downs, joys and sorrows, justices and injustices. Every decade, every era, has been inclusive of both good times and challenging times. It’s the nature of life.

To say your future is your mind is to say that what we think about things matters. In fact, what we believe determines the outcome of our experiences. It’s why we can say that spiritual thinking heals. In order to have peace of mind and a sense of well being in life, it is essential to keep our vision of the future open to positive possibilities!

Every generation produces visionaries who are willing to take a stand for what’s possible. I am ever so grateful to belong to an organization which proclaims such a bold message. Will you be the next prophet, the next Buddha, the next visionary? The choice awaits each of us, even now. It’s never too late!!

Bright Blessings, and BIG love, Rev. Karen

Still Rising

“The world is saturated with Divinity and filled with possibility.” Ernest HolmesHello beautiful Souls… do you feel that sense of Risen-ness? How glorious to step into April, the other side of Holy week, and intend to rise from our past to be awakened to the future! Truly the heaviness is behind us and it’s time to lighten up, to Rise in Love and follow the example of the Risen Christ.Springtime is the perfect time to appreciate how life is saturated with Divinity… everywhere we look we see new life budding forth, even here in the amazing desert. Life beckons us forward and we are quickened to respond in joy and aliveness.

The Course in Miracles says of Easter, “This Easter look with different eyes upon each other. See not the thorns and nails of crucifixion…but see the perfect purity of humankind.” In this way “we celebrate Light and not death.” We celebrate Light as we recognize that we are the Light dear ones.

Holmes once wrote, “A new light is coming to the world. We are on the borderland of a new experience… Nothing can hinder its progress.” Nothing can hinder its progress because you are the Light. All we have to do is let our Light so shine.

You can do it… I believe in you!!!

Feel my love, Rev. K

Getting Into a Right Relationship with the Universe

Ernest Holmes, the founder of this amazing philosophy the Science of Mind, once said that the secret of all progress is getting into right relationship with the Universe. This is a delicious pondering that could have fruitful consequence from daily reflection.

So what do we notice about the Universe? I notice there’s a rhythm… to everything there is a season. Things come and then go, we plant and we harvest, we dance and we mourn, and the next day always comes. Even in the creation story we see a pattern: God acts, stands back to admire – pauses to see the good before the next day arrives.

Life’s rhythm includes rest and time to appreciate. In nature rest is a biological necessity. In some species of animals play isn’t a casual activity but is fundamental to survival. And in the human journey, play is essential to the well being of the soul. 

I bless you this day with abundant play and rest! Love yourself enough to this and you will find yourself in right relationship with all the Universe. Or at least it’s a start! BIG Love! Rev. Karen

Quote about LOVE – posted Feb 11th

Rev. Karen here…. Hello everyone! Here’s the quote you’ve most requested from Sunday’s Message, from Paul Ferrini (favorite of mine, especially his book, “Love Without Conditions”.) 

Sunday quote slightly paraphrased: “Let us not underestimate the transformation that is being asked of us. Love is not a fragile, shiny thing, kept separate from the pain and difficulties of life. It is born of our willingness to learn from our mistakes and encounter the depth of our pain, as well as our partner’s pain… Our wounds must be surrendered. Our armor must come off. Our love must lead the way.”

Hello Beloveds! Posted Feb 20th

Hello Beloveds! It’s a beautiful rainy day here in the West Valley. And on this springish day I share this quote from my Sunday Message: “In all of life there is a wholeness… a universal tendency for everything to return to normal whenever the balance of life has been violated” Eric Butterworth. Today I call on that Divine Resiliency within me, that perfect wisdom that heals all ails, that Intelligence that knows the best in me and reveals it! As I remember this Truth, it moves through the Universe reminding others of the same. Blessings! And BIG Love to all, Rev. Karen

Regarding my talk about “Junk” – posted Feb 25hth

My Sunday Message was titled, “Junk” and the invitation this week is to re-examine your old “stuff”, see if you still need it, and consider uncovering the treasure that might still be buried there. Things change in meaning over time, and so might our story. Excavate what might still be buried but precious. 

Best quote from the Message: If we are to experience harmony in our lives, it is necessary that we let go of all thoughts as well as things that clutter our lives. If we observe the intelligence and fearlessness of the human body, we will notice that our organs take what is necessary for sustenance and well being and release that which is not needed. It is a perfect demonstration of circulation, assimilation, and elimination.” Ernest Holmes, Effective Prayer

Have a blessed week everyone!

You and Me and We – posted March 13th

“You, Me and We”, a message on community was our theme last Sunday. Instead of google, I used Hugh-gle to research the harmonics of signal and frequency… how they sometimes interfere w/ each other. (Like when mom mashed the potatoes and the t.v. would get fuzzy) In community we are blessed as we grow thru the static and readjust our frequency divinely.